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Eurovision song contest 2011

Europes favorite TV show

The first idea about Eurovision song contest came up back in 1955 in Monte Carlo. The president of the EBU Program Committee Marcel Bezencon for the first time presented the idea about competition for the best Eurovision song based upon San Remo music festival in Italy.

The competition was also seen as techonological experiment in live broadcast. For these times the program was very ambicious project joining so many networks. The final decision about Eurovision Song Contest was made 19.10.1955. on meeting in Rome, when EBU general assembly agreed to organizing it next spring in Lugano.

Eurovision Song Contest is annual competition between active EBU members. Every country delegates one song perfoming it in live broadcast and EBU casts votes from all countries determinig the winner. Each country takes part in the competition through it's national broadcaster (member of EBU), the task is to select a singer and a song to represent their country in the international competition.

There is a rule in the contest which forbids any song being entered which has been previously commercially released or broadcast in public before a certain date relative to the Contest in question. Each country must Oyun İndir submit one song to represent them in any given year they participate. The only exception to this was when each country submitted two songs in the inaugural Contest. The winner song's country is the one which organizes the next year's contest.

This year the Eurovision song contest will be held in Germany Dusseldorf. It will be the 56th annual Eurovision Song Contest. Germans won with Lena Meyer-Landrut's song “Sattelites” in last years Contest. The final is planned on 14th of May in Esprit Arena, which beat out three challenging venue locations across the Germany in a building phase.

In 2011 Eurovision Song contest 43 countries have confirmed their participation, with returning like San Marino from Italy which last participated in 2008.

These days Eurovision Song Contest has become Europe's favourite TV show for 54 years already. It's modern classic and strongly embedded into Europe's collective mind.

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