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Beautiful and rich land

Shimmering olive groves of Corfu

A big island on northern Greece, Corfu is a well known tourist destination during the summer, especially because it looks like a tropical paradise, with the already famous blue waters of the mediterranean wetting its white sands, and with the vegetation beautifully playing its part at the background.

It's a dream travel for whom is far away, and a dream come true from whom is close by. Most of the backpackers or other tourists travelling Europe during the summer find a way to buy a plain ticket or a ferry ride to this island, that is revigorating and relaxing as a place.

The largest and most important city on the island is known by the greeks as Kerkyra, where the airport is and where most of the cruises dock. For the decent infrastructure and the diversity of the place, many different groups meet here every year, school trips, Harley Davidson meetings, congresses, ancient car clubs and many others, so it doesn't matter what you like, Corfu is a place for you.

If you like a little privacy, or to run away from crowded places, then the Lefkimmi beach is the place. Due to being on the less busy south, it's a quiet place with a long stripe of sandy beach. Chalikounas beach is also very worth to visit, a place between Chalikiopoulos' Lake and the sea, with an amazing natural landscape.

The Old Town has some interesting historical places to visit, such as The Esplanade, Old Fortress, Palace of St. Michael and St. George. Corfu is amazing, it’s sunny and friendly, and you really shouldn't miss it!

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