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The new happiest place on earth!

Copenhagen, Denmark

Copenhagen so subtly became a powerhouse for Europe and a must see for backpackers. Within 30 years it has become one of the most successful and inspiration cities in the world. They successfully became the  city the closest to carbon neutral in all of Europe. The economy is thriving, quality of life is exceptional making it one of the places young people go to visit and are desperate to move to.

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Any season, any time of year Copenhagen is always stunning thanks to the very thought out and progressive architecture. There is not one area that is worth criticising for somehow every brick and home is so stylishly and creatively built.

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Copenhagen is a city of pioneers and liberals. A city where you do not conform. Bring your own attitude and the greatness of any personality is found by the friendliest people in the most exquisite city. It’s the place where you leave your dog with strangers as you dive into the grocery store. Leave your wet umbrella outside as you go for a coffee and it will exactly where you left it when you return. Respect for the fellow human emanates in simple day to day activities.  

The city is spread into ten neighborhoods. All charming in their own unique way; the metro system is incredibly well connected so though it seems extensive it should not take more than fifteen to twenty minutes to reach a different neighborhood. Even visiting Sweden is only a 20 minutes train away over the legendary and again so intelligently built; Oresund Bridge.

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For the best of architecture there are so many sights to see but the highlights are as follows: Rundetarn, Church of our saviour, and The Marble Church.

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Rundetarn is a round tower including a 7.5-helical corridor leading to the observational platform from which you get the most dazzling view of the city as it’s places so centrally. Church of our saviour is known to be the most beautiful Church in the whole of Denmark and the best part is the fact that it also has a fantastic view if you’re willing to climb up the circular stairs. It is possible to see almost every neighborhood from here. Lastly, The Marble Church is a masterpiece, a dome with a span of thirty-one metres.

For the must see neighborhood is Christiania; for it is like no other place in the world. This area is a space that has fought for their own rule since the 1970’s succeeding in making it completely separate from the European Union though it’s just a small space within the centre of a massive city. There are only a few rules (laws) and those are comical and people friendly, the key one being ‘No photography’ the other being ‘Do not run’. All in aid of creating a calm and peaceful environment.

To end I must reference the Tivoli Gardens and amusement park. It is one of the world’s oldest amusement parks and it’s located in walking distance of the main train station. In fact it’s hard not to notice and admire the rides and the lights, especially at night as the mesmerise any passer bys and thrill seekers on the inside.

So for the food, the architeture and most importantly the people. Make every day count in the new happiest place on earth.

Copenhagen  - The new happiest place on earth!

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