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Rushing waterfalls and blue lakes

Jiuzhaigou Nature Reserve

Have you ever wondered what's there in the middle of China? We all know that the main cities and industrial hubs are in the eastern side/coast, but what will you find if you go farther west? The answer is: landscapes so beautiful they look like a magnificent painting come to life. In special the Jiuzhaigou Nature Reserve, located in the north of the Sichuan province, and usually called Jiuzhai Valley in English, that has been an UNESCO World Heritage Site since 1992.

The park covers an area of 720 square kilometer in the shape of an Y comprising three main valleys, the Shuzheng, Rize and Zechawa, several lakes, waterfalls and mountains, reaching a maximum of 4700 meters of height. The park is known as the habitat of giant pandas, but unfortunately (or not) they are rarely seen.

Visiting the park is just about enjoying the view and walking around, it doesn't sound like quite an experience, but the beauty of the place is unique and almost unbelievable. The lakes have waters so clear that even the deepest bottom can be seen, and the flora is intact and perfect. Besides, the altitude changes giving each valley, mountain, waterfall, lake and vegetation a particular quality and impression.

Make sure you visit Long Lake, the biggest and deepest one; the Five Color Pool, that has the most varied and intense color range; the Swan Lake, that receives migratory swans every year; the Five Flower Lake, considered the heart of Jiuzhaigou, that has its turquoise waters so limpid that one can see the rocks, bushes and leaves on the bottom; the Nuorilang Falls, in the junction of the three valleys, forming a wide range cascade among trees and rocks.

If you like nature and hiking, this is the perfect spot for you in China, and besides, no one should miss the opportunity to visit such a gift from nature, so give Jiuzhai Valley a try and thank me later!

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