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Baroque style Cesky Krumlov

Living gallery with obvious beauty

There are many beautiful places in Czech Republic, one of the best is the famous Prague, if you are in the country for few days and for some reason you have got enough with the capital and you are willing to see something more calm and a bit different, than Cesky Krumlov will be the right choice to make. Right in the middle there is the beautiful castle, you have to consider to seriously visit this town, it's worth it, it's a pocket-sized Prague.

Countless fancy cafes elegant and charming renaissance-era buildings, pubs and restaurants , making Krumlov a living gallery. Back in 1992 UNESCO nominated this place World Heritage Site for its historical importance and its obvious beauty. Consider that the town is bustling since medieval times, after centuries of embellishment it's still beautiful.

The town has survived and fallowed the architectural neglect during the communist era, still keeping up its fairy-tale beauty of Cesky Krumlov, with many classy boutique hotels and restaurants to fully enjoy your very comfortable stay. But have to add, that since 18th century many buildings have been restored, so it's appearance has been changed a bit, it's situated just next to the Vltva River.

The whole Cesky Krumlov castle complex is the most visited site in the town, it's totally free, or if you like there are also guided tours for little money, going through the amazing Castle Baroque Theatre, or pay even smaller money to get the entrance of the top of the castle tower, having a breathtaking view to the city.

They say that the perfect timing to visit this baroque style town is winter, when everything is covered with a snow blanket, I would say it's summer, when you can fully enjoy the view, without being freeze and rushing to get to the hotel as soon as possible. Afterwards you can get to the castle gardens and have lovely picnic. The best approach to the castle is from Latran.

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