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Cape Town, South Africa

Robben Island

When we think about Africa, the most common first thought is HOT, sunny...Of course it is not a mistake to think that there is very high temperature there, but an amazing thing is that many interesting events are happening here every year. And every year more!

Probably not many people knows about the incredible city, situated in South Africa. The name of it is: Cape Town. It is the second largest city of South Africa. Some people say, that it is the most beautiful city in the world. As always, there must be something in it…

Temperature is really warm and climate is friendly for people. Just few hours of flight could take you inside a different, better side of world. Places like Bo-Kaap, which is really popular for taking there movie shoots, include many small buildings in rainbow colours. There is also a Bo-Kaap Museum, which has got a special shop, where it is possible to buy almost every spices from all over the world, to any kind of dishes.

Interesting is Robben Island, full of real nature without any human interruption. And it is situated only 11 kilometers from the coast of Cape Town. There are many Museums with the heritage of Africas world, which give an opportunity to get a closer look into this culture.

For people who want to learn some English, there is a great Language School of Cape Town, which prepares courses for everyone, in every age and in every kind of level of this language. It is possible to go there for vacations and spend them in a bit educational way! That sounds great! It also include lessons about African traditional folk dance, music, culture and food.

The common dishes from South African cuisine are: sour milk, crocodile sirloins, biltong (dried, salted meat), hand-made sausages which are mostly grilled on the open frame. Brave people could also try heads of sheep ! Instead of African kitchen, Cape Town has got many cosmopolitan restaurants which offer dishes from every kind of kitchen.
There is nothing left to do than going to Cape Town!

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