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Cannes Festival

Cinema de la Plage

May is the most beautiful month of the year and it's not because it's the first sign of the spring or because it's the new breathe after winter time, it's the month of the famous Cannes Festival, an event reserved for film industry professionals who need an accreditation to gain access to the "Palais des Festivals".

Every year all the best actors and film makers travel to beautiful Cannes to celebrate the big happening, there are no ticket6s on sale, access to Festival de Cannes screenings is upon presentation of badge or invitation only. Access to the films in Official Selection screened in the Theatre "Lumiere" is upon invitation only. This will be the 65th anniversary of the Cannes Festival, so many surprises and happenings are to be expected.

The Festival de Cannes is Accreditations are assigned according to the professional activity and requests for them must be made with the relevant professional organisation, the control of the Cannes is very strict . There is also the Cinema on the beach available , " Cinema de la Plage" , all the festival is from the 16th May until 27th May, so plenty of time for you and the actors to enjoy, even if you are not invited, the atmosphere is very special in all the city.

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