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Byron Bay, Australia

Hippie city

If you like the sea, the surf and the sun, we got a tip for you: Go to Byron Bay. Located in Australia, is obligatory stop. We can say that is a hippie city until today, with a lot of people looking for art, culture and nature.

In the North of New South Wales, like one hour from Gold Coast, Byron is recognized because of your exotic and relaxing tourism. A amazing place, but do not forget the nightlife. It's a complete paradise.

Near from the beautiful beaches, you can go downtown, full of caffes and bars, and also seafood or vegetarian restaurants, for you to take a table on the sidewalk, just to see people pass by. At the beach, sunbathing, a lot of girls making topless and boys surfing perfect waves.

At the Cabo Byron, the eastern most point of Australia, you can found the biggest attraction from Byron Bay, by the way: The lighthouse. Sittuated in the top of the Cabo Hill, it still works until today and offers a breathtaking view. Dolphings and whales can be viwed from all angles at sea, and you can also have a great view of the city.

Because of the surf, there are a lot of alternative people living at the mountains in Byron Bay. The surf dominates the local lifestyle and when the sea has big waves, everybody goes to the beach.

With easy-going people, a lot of hostels and also two campings, music festivals and many attractions, you should go to Byron Bay. Near also from Brisbane (like 45 minutes by car), is normal to see kangaroos hopping on the roads or koalas in the trees, so, don't be alarmed! And dont't forget: Byron Bay supports the sustainability, so, takes the nature and helps preserve it.

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