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The 10 places to visit before the others!

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Wanting to visit countries or cities still free of tourist invasion? We give you a list of 10 countries who are the tourist destinations of tomorrow, but not yet of today.

Argentina is the first country of our list.
Vines and meat but also tango, Argentina is also known for its beautiful plains. Even though

Abu Dhabi cannot offer this, it's becoming a high-level cultural destination with its museums, expositions and other cultural events.

As outsider of this list, we have Spitzbergen. Situated between Norway and Russia, it offers an incredible nature life and 24 h of light!

More in for some golfs and coconutrees?
Go to Hawai that should know an increase of business tourism. Russia's another future popular destination for tourists. Don't miss the Kamchatka Peninsula.

Let's cross the ocean again and go to Colorado!
This should become one of the most popular futur ski resorts. An outsider of this list, Albania.
A beautiful coast makes of this country a must!
Chile will probably be more known as thé destination for amazing cruises. Italia will for the same reasons know an increase of its tourism.

Last but not least, SPACE! Very expensive, space is neverthless being to become one of the futur tourist spots!

(Foto: Archiv JDAV-Expedition Spitzbergen 1999)

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