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Bratislava, most amazing modern arts

Glimpse of medieval times

Lost in the world, that barely keeps the old folkways, that signs up for anything and everything that's new and modern, it becomes so rare to find something original, unique and specific to each country...Slovakia is the winner,with castle ruins, mountainous national parks and traditional villages that represents the same exact things and traditions as centuries ago.

Its small capital Bratislava might not be worldwide known best city to visit, with modern skyscrapers or the opposite, old bridges and fascinating old charm, but it has its own uniqueness that can not be mistaken with anything else in the world. Visiting this country in general, you are about to experience waterfall filled gorge, where you can hike, see old, wooden churches next to the museums that carefully keeps any detail from country's history, do not hesitate to get better knowledge about this marvelous country.

Bratislava is well known for its strongest flavoring, the cycle paths through its verdant floodplain beginning just outside the centre,fortresses tower that overviews the cities and rivers, rocky peaks, the densely forested Small Carpathians, ski run sand vineyards that won't leave you indifferent.

Fancy and cozy coffee shops and the best treatment in the city , where tourism haven't yet ruined the local charm, the Old town of Bratislava is tiny, its a perfect place where to start appreciate the capital. 18 century buildings, the watchful gaze and city castle, narrow streets and glimpse of medieval times, Bratislava is a fresh cocktail of new and old, and if you got enough of old, check out East Europe's most amazing modern arts, Bratislava's allure.

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