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Illuminations and firework displays

Festival of Lights in Berlin

Germans know how to celebrate, one after another the festival pops up , first was Oktoberfest and right next started already on 10th October, lasting until 21st is the Festival of Lights! Annually kicking Berlin's major places, making tourists come more and more to enjoy the great light parade. Sure, great food and the best beer in the world will welcome anyone! Thousands of visitors will turn out to see Berlin sparkle.

Be a testimony to one of the brightest festivals in the world, over 50 brightly coloured laser illuminations and firework displays light up landmarks including the Brandenburg Gate during the Festival of Lights. Come with your family or friends, or even on your own, you will definitely make a bunch of friends. You will experience all kind of colours, from soft golds bathing tree-lined boulevard Unter den Linden to the electric blue projected onto Alexander Platz's TV Tower.

You won't miss anything from beautiful capital, cos all the major towers and squares will be illuminated, including new Kranzler buildings and Dom Aquaree, it will be like a free guide of the city. There will be spectacular opening ceremony and also closing one. Special lightening on the Light-Liner bus, by boat on the Light-Ship, on foot with the Light-Cruso or by rickshaw with the Light-Velo , it's a life time experience, a great opportunity to see the best of Berlin,everything will be about the lights, of course the best time to visit it its night, or late eve.

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