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Festa de la Bici i dels Patins

Holiday destination Barcelona

Barcelona is one of the brightest cities in the world, definitely top 10 destination in the world...famous for the best parties and great food! Most of the youngsters from all over the planet goes there to party, staying in Barcelona at least for a week or two, than taking them out of the city in the pieces. Maybe it's not the way you see this spectacular city, or at least it's not the way you want to spend your holiday. You always have a choice, and Barcelona gives you many!

Spanish are well known as party animals, they know what's great party, and without drinks or few you can not get away or call it great Fiesta! They are also not so keen on sportive activities, like running, spinning or cycling, instead they fully enjoy aperativo time and great food, and maybe they are right, we have to enjoy while we can, but maybe the best way, the compromise, is to do both, sportive activities and great food and parties, like this we truly live all.

So, the Bicycle riders usually start at junction of Carrer de Arago/Balmes in Eixample and finish at Parc del Forum...seems like an interesting tour where you can also see the best of the city. This annual event "Passejada Popular - Festa de la Bici i dels Patins" comes along with the Barcelona Bike Showand the BCN Bike Week. Starting in 17th June on Sunday, you can join the 15000 others in a fun collective bike and roller skate ride through the best streets of Barcelona, after as a prize you can go for perfect meal with your friends, family or supporters. Enjoy it Spanish way!

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