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Naga Fireball Phenomenon

Lord Buddha

When the rest of the world all as one celebrates Halloween, picking the scariest outfits and planning the most hilarious parties, with sweets and drinks, Thailand has something unique and very particular to offer. So if you are tired of Halloween, which from my point of view is nothing reasonable to be celebrated, sorry about my very subjective opinion, it started from the evening to gather the lost ones, and now it's become a bloody clown party!

So if you want to escape it all or simply tired of all that Halloween buzz, the best place to be is Thailand, which annually celebrates the Naga Fireballs at Nong Khai's Mekong River, this experience will leave you speechless. This strange and beautiful phenomenon takes a place at the end of October, when there is a full moon, light and sound shows, an illuminated boat contest, the King's Cup long-tailed boat race and food offerings.

The Mekong river flows between Laos and Thailand, you will see some Thai traditional fireballs glowing high in the sky, just beside the moon, there will be lots of people gathering and cheering, the Naga Fireball Phenomenon is to welcome the Lord Buddha as he returns to Earth at the end of the Buddhist Lent, by the great river serpent, the Naga.

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