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Thung Na Choei

Fruit contest Thailand

Live healthy, that's the phrase we should not just use, we should really do that, but unfortunately, in the world, where take away is more appreciated than a real food, sadly as a result for saving time, we kill ourselves and our children , teaching them live unhealthy. So many wonder, why Asian people are having better skin, hair, nails and they look much more younger than others on this planet, the answer would be simple. They eat a lot of veg and fruit!

So annually there is celebrated festival Thung Na Choei for a whole month. Highlights, including fruit floats, contests, agricultural exhibitions and the Princess Cup Dog Contest, it goes on a whole month, usually during May and June, and as it's festival , of course it will end up with bright parade. King of the fruits is the durian, a hard and spiky-shelled fruit with a soft centre and a complex taste, delicacy that only grows in Thailand and Malaysia. Other fruits vying for attention include the rambutan, mangosteen, longkong and jackfruit . So those ones who love fruits , MUST see this, and taste all the new juicy wonders.

This festival offers you a fantastic selection of fruits, which you can try, including sweet rambutans, pomelos and the unusual durian fruit, also many prizes are expected, hopefully not a fruit!:) It will be nomination for the best fruit display and the best tasting fruit and there is a full entertainment programme going on as well.

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