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Winter Sports near Athens

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Arachova is a very popular town for the mountain sports that take place there. Its proximity to the ski resorts of Parnassos and the archaeological site of Delphi, enough reason to be an attractive and desirable destination, even for those who feel like going to the beach.

The town of Arachova is located in the prefecture of Viotia, in the west, just two hours away from Athens. There are beautiful houses located in the heights of five small hills belonging to Mount Parnassos, whose maximum height is 1100 meters, capable of arising any vertigo.

The sports offer in the area is unbeatable. Biking, trekking, hiking, parasailing and forest camps are just some of the possibilities offered Arachova. During the winter, snowy landscapes, and sports related to them are the protagonists. Restaurants, taverns and complete good quality accommodation an ideal choice to enjoy a dream vacation.

Those who are visiting Athens and want peace and quiet may also think about making a trip to Arachova, because here is not all adrenaline sports. Its surroundings are abundant in natural areas with wonderful flora and fauna, where you can stroll and relax in comfort. The customs and traditions are kept alive in celebrations such as those belonging to the day of Agios Georgios and occurred at Easter. These seasons are best to approach the historical legacy of its population.

How to get there:

Driving from Athens you follow the National Road to Lamia. When you reach the exit to Kastro, in about 100 km, you turn left and continue following the signs to Livadia and Delphi. Arachova is at 35 km from Livadia. The distance Athens-Arachova is about 180 km.

If you travel by bus, there is daily bus service from the Liosion Suburban Bus Terminal (KTEL) in Athens once or twice a day. For more accurate information on the bus schedules, please call at the Viotia KTEL agency (0030) 210 8317179 . More information can be obtained at

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