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Timeless Guatemala

Mysterious and challenging

If you are looking for that special holiday destination, Central America is Must, specially mysterious Guatemala that has the most diverse landscapes and adventures that will put that special spice to your vacation. This country has been captivating the world and its travelers for centuries, famous for its Maya traditions, that are still there, for its jungles and volcanoes that will throw you right back in the past, stunning trekking options and the coast.

It seems like Guatemala can still surprise the world with its simpleness and uniqueness, where nothing seems to be changed, where people from villages live their peaceful lives keeping up with the ancient Maya traditions. However this nation had left some impressive architecture pieces, including some of the masterpieces, that are still visible nowadays, such as Palaces and plazas.

The country's capital Guatemala city is well known for being dangerous and dirty, but also very fascinating, there is a special spirit and energy going on in here, that will make you forget all about the rest. It's a weird place where skyscrapers drop shadows on shantytowns, you will have to find its charm though. Many visitors prefer to skip the capital and go straight to the Antigua, the life in here more less is a beach, as its coasts are blessed with blue water and an amazing Caribbean scenery, wrapped into historic sights and candy coloured villages. It was founded back in 16th century, afterwards destroyed by an earthquake in 17th, but the main monuments are still considered as ruins, the village stands still and proud, it has survived!

It's considered as the world's best conserved colonial city, it's magical and very alive, you will experience the real splendors of ancient times, cobblestone streets, countless activities, such as performing arts, films, forums, galleries and exhibitions, everything with a laid back charm. The feeling? Like you have just been stopped some 300 years ago, amazing! Enjoy this splendid Caribbean dream island.

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