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Neat Casual and sophisticated

Gorgeous valley folds and vineyards of Adelaide

There is nothing better than visit a place that still has that laid back feel and old school atmosphere, specially nowadays, specially in Australia. Adelaide is one of those, where you will feel sophistication, culture and casual in one, but never taint of penal colony, its more introspective place, might be little short on charisma, but never classically boring.

Well, it has been changed in a past few years, Adelaide has become more multicultural, you can feel it it down town local bars and restaurants, artistic live music concerts or usual city's festivals, Adelaide is crazy on Saturday night. You will definitely have fun, there’s no place on earth like this Gods forgotten corner, where people still ask you which school you went to, to understand your social hierarchy.

Located in South Australia, Adelaide is Australia's wine capital, which means good food comes with good wine, some of the best dining option in this effortlessly chic city. It has always been the best food market centre in the whole country, Adelaide Central Market is one of the best in the world, including Gouger Street, eat street, its just like Mecca. The city is packed with cosy, great coffee houses. Adelaide glows and is proud with its chefs and restaurants that outstandingly hit winning formulas, having its own circle of customers.

Adelaide has it all, charm of modernism mixed with old fashion attitude, it-s alive and vibrant, never boring and never average, with rolling hills to the east and sunny beaches on the west, great wine in the middle and healthy attitude of life everywhere.

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