Cinnamon Hostel, HOSTEL in Wroclaw Poland.
Cinnamon Hostel.

Str. Kazimierza Wielkiego 67, Wroclaw, Poland

Located near: Cinnamon hostel is situated in the city centre, on Kazimierza Wielkiego 67 which goes around market square. You can walk to market square (350m), Galeria Dominikańska(mall/shopping centre, 500m), train or bus station (1400m). Important monuments or amusements are also close to us. Panorama Racławicka (1km), Śląsk Wrocław station (4,5km), National Museum (1km), ZOO (3km), Słodowa island (1km), Centennial hall and Wroclaw’s fountain (3km). Most of Wroclaw’s universities also are around.

If you stay in Cinnamon Hostel, you’ll feel Wroclaw’s pulse, and meet lots of foreign people and attractions which are in our beautiful city.
You like when lots of things go on, when you’re around your friends and…strangers who can became your aquintances? Don’t you like phoney atmosphere of rigid

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