Hisayo's Inn, HOSTEL in Tokyo Japan.
Hisayo's Inn.

3-30-13 Nishi Kojiya Ota-ku, Tokyo, Tokyo, Japan

Located near: Haneda Jinja is a famous shrine in this area. Its history goes back to 800 years ago. Haneda Jinja is well known to pray for the safety of any airplanes and the airtraffic, so every airplane company and workers at the airport respect Haneda Shrine sincerely. Heikenji is a famous temple which is located 30 minutes from HISAYO’S INN by train. Over 3 million worshippers visit Heikenji in the every New Year period. You can try Shakyo is making a handwritten copy of a sutra at Heikenji.

It's easy to get famous sight seeing spots like Asakusa and Yokohama without transfer by public transportation.
We will also support your trip from local to famous sight seeing areas to experience Japanese culture! You can go to various places from here with this good access to transportation.

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