K-Hostel (Hongdae), HOSTEL in Seoul South Korea.
K-Hostel (Hongdae).

19, Seogang-ro, Seoul, South Korea

Located near: K-Hostel (Hongdae) located the best place! From the guest house, Seoul's Hip-Place 'Hongdae Area', 'Sinchon', 'Ihwa-Univ. Area' (Popular area full of local restaurants and bars) and Seoul's LandMark '63 Builing', 'Han-River for cruise ship' is under a 10-minutes. lively 'Itaewon', 'Myeong-Dong', 'Nam-Moutain (Nam-San)' neighbourhood is under a 15-minute subway ride east. Also, You can see the Yeouido's Fireworks Festival at your room (October Festival Period) and enjoy all the beautifu

K-Hostel (Hongdae) is 'Bright'.
K-Hostel family(called K-family) can communicate with foreigner guests with a 'Ready to Serve' mind.
K-Hostel (Hongdae) is 'Exotic', and 'Korean'.
K-Hostel (Hongdae) tries to represent Korean guest house as shown in our name.
We have very convenient facilities

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