Hostel Calábria Vila Madalena, HOSTEL in Sao Paulo Brazil.
Hostel Calábria Vila Madalena.

Rua Fradique Coutinho, 817, Sao Paulo, Brazil

Located near: Vila Madalena is a bohemian and inviting neighbourhood at any time of the day, where you can enjoy the outdoors, walk, try the sidewalk bars, and enjoy all the cultural diversity. The lively neighbourhood offers a wide range of activities, from bookstores, handicraft fairs, regional and international foods, to the famous carnival in nearby streets. Also available, walking through the graffiti-coloured walls in the well-known Batman Alley art gallery. Residents know many precious hiding places, making it worthwhile for tourists to interact with locals in order to expand the activities the neighbourhood has to offer. The gastronomy deserves a strong highlight due to the large number of options to be chosen; Brazilian regional foods are present and the real feijoada can be found in each block. The restaurants with international cuisine also make a good impression and have foods from every corner in the world. The restaurant next door, Al Mimás, brings a typical Syrian cuisine, and we recommend the experience. Everything can be found in the region and our staff is always available to help you find your best option.

Our property is a townhouse typical of the neighbourhood of Vila Madalena.
Upstairs we have 6 rooms (with up to 8 beds), bathrooms with individual cabins, a balcony and a common area.
Downstairs there is a large living room with TV, board games, dinning table, refrigerator and microwave, that can be

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