Fauna Luxury Hostel, HOSTEL in San Jose Costa Rica.
Fauna Luxury Hostel.

Avenida Central Manuel Zavaleta, San Jose, Costa Rica

Located near: Local Activities. Restaurants: oSoda la Amistad (125m) oP&P Pupusas (143m) oTerrazas Restaurant (221m) oSushi Kampai (227m) oPizza Piccola (237m) oCasona de Laly (327m) Coffee Shop: oGiaccomin (1.00km) oStarbucks (2.10km) Supermarket: oFresh Market (50m) Pubs/Bars: oBar Snoopys (345m)

Every single person yearns for something – this can take place in the open, or sometimes within your mind – all of us desire meaningful connections.
Join us in the restructuring of the world of Hostels as we combine luxury and accessible pricing to ensure you “a champagne lifestyle on a lemonade bud

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