Selina Casco Viejo Panama City, HOSTEL in Panama City Panama.
Selina Casco Viejo Panama City.

Calle 12 Este, Panama City, Panama

Located near: Casco Viejo is the historic part of Panama City, filled with colonial style buildings, cathedrals and museums. This UNESCO World Heritage town is filled with bohemian vibes, hip eateries and happening nightlife. You can wander the day around taking pictures of the amazing hidden spots or spend the night dancing under the stars. You can take a tour to the Panama Canal, hit the city to check the modern skyscrapers, visit the jungle or take a day trip to a nearby beach.

The Heart and Soul of Panama.
Selina Casco Antiguo is a haven for nomads, travelers, and explorers redefining what it means to travel, work, and explore.
Selina is not just accommodation.
Yes, we offer (gorgeous, beautifully-designed) places to stay.
More than that, we offer a place to connect with

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