Ecohostelfloreale, HOSTEL in Naples Italy.

Via Gabriele D'Annunzio, 28, Naples, Italy

Located near: Ecohostelfloreale is located in Ercolano, very famous for the ruins,(scavi di Ercolano), we have a lot of villas from 700 centenary, Villa Favorita, Villa Campolieto. Resina Market Considered the most famous vintage market in Italy and is so cheap! we are in very good location, because we are near to Vesuvio, and very near to Pompei is well, we have in 1,5km the Ercolano Ruins, the importan Miglio d’oro, in 2km we have the frist staion of train of Italy( Museo della Prima ferrovia Italiana) , we are close to Sorrento . famous arround the world, and the in Sorrento you can take the bus and go in so many village of Costiera Amalfitana… Amalfi, Maiori...Minori… and not miss Positano!

Eco Hostel Floreale was an school, and now is a Ecohostel, we have 3 floors, we have the kitchen with all you can need, the bar and the leaving dinner, the reception and the aerea to relax.
we do in this aerea yoga and capoeira courses.
Eco Hostel Floreale is located in Ercolano, very famous for

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