Backpacker Panda Colaba, HOSTEL in Mumbai India.
Backpacker Panda Colaba.

15, Walton Road, Colaba, Mumbai, India

Located near: Have you ever imagined your day in the city like Mumbai, starting from a morning stroll on a stretch around the sea followed by a hot shower to relax, while staying at one of the most lively and dynamic places of the town-Colaba. Then you pull out a map to explore the hidden and known treasures around the Colaba, one of the most diverse areas of the town.

Backpacker Panda Colaba is located in a favorite destination among tourist with plenty of options to roam around and be amused by narrow alleys, shopping sprees to the intricate colonial architecture of marvel.
The gateway of India, famous Leopard cafe, must visit Colaba Causeway street market is 5

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