Gion Ryokan Q-beh, HOSTEL in Kyoto Japan.
Gion Ryokan Q-beh.

505-3, Kyoto, Japan

Located near: Located in the historical district of 'Gion' area where Maiko walk around, just a couple of minute walk to some of popular temples and shrines. 3 min walk to Yasaka Shirine 3 min walk to Kodai ji Temple 4 min walk to Maruyama koen Park 6 min walk to Yasaka Pagoda 7 min walk to Ken nin ji Temple 15-20 min walk to Kiyomizu dera Temple 3min walk to convenience store, Lawson Within 10min walk to convenience store, Seven-Eleven and supermarket, Fresco

Ryokan Q-beh is located in the historical district of 'Gion' area where 'maiko' walk around, and just a couple of minutes walk to some popular temples and shrines.
So the surrounding area is very quiet, beautiful and calm.
There are three communal places to eat, drink and chat.
A Japanese style

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