Kyoto Hana Hostel, HOSTEL in Kyoto Japan.
Kyoto Hana Hostel.

229 Akezu-dori Street, Kogawa-cho, Kyoto, Japan

Located near: Located within 5 minute walk to Kyoto Station (Shinkansen and Local lines), the Central Bus terminal, the subway station, local bus stops, the Central Post Office, a convenience store and local restaurants and bars. From here it is 20 minutes walk to the Kyoto National Museum and Sanju-sangendo Temple. It is just 10 minutes from here to the Kamo River, and only a couple of minutes walk to Honganji Temple and Shoseien Garden.

We’re located five minutes from Kyoto station (433m, 1/4ml.
This location is ideally convenient but is quiet because we’re set one street off the main street.
Everything you need, such as convenience stores, grocery stores, banks, foreign exchange, the post office, bars, restaurants and karaoke pl

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