Green Elephant, HOSTEL in Cape Town South Africa.
Green Elephant.

57 Milton Road, Cape Town, South Africa

Located near: University of Cape Town(3 km) , Legendary Student part of Cape Town; all forms of public transport; close to the airport (15 minutes drive); Groote Schuur Hospital ( where many of our student guests do electives); Red Cross Children's Hospital (where many of our student guests do electives); the Observatory ( open to visitors); supermarkets; nightlife; sports fields 10 Minutes from Cape Town and Long Street via minibus taxi - the informal transport system used by locals at a cost of only R9

BazBus stop.
The Green Elephant - friendly, personal and experienced in travel - is in the student and academic area of Observatory.
Closest Hostel to Groote Schuur Hospital and near the University of Cape Town.
We consistently have the friendliest staff around to help you experience Cape T

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