Casa Nora, HOSTEL in Budapest Hungary.
Casa Nora.

31/b Dob utca, II 8, Budapest, Hungary

Located near: Some important notes to find the guesthouse, because of the house policy, there are not any advertisement boards or visible signs. First you have to find the door 31/B, you will find a keypad on the left side. The code for that door is #561949#. You will find the stairs on your left side once you enter the door. Our guesthouse is on the second floor. once you are at second floor, on your right the door is ours. The code for that door is 12key6666.

We are offering 8 bed dormitory, 6 bed dormitory, 2 private rooms with shared bathroom, and an apartment.
Rooms are comfortable spacious, all the rooms are equipped with WiFi, non-smoking and equipped with basic facilities.
We are situated in the heart of city, 7th district Budapest (Jewish quart

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