Optimi Rooms, HOSTEL in Bilbao Spain.
Optimi Rooms.

C/Doctor Areilza 58, Bajo, Bilbao, Spain

Located near: Optimi Rooms is located in the street Doctor Areilza, which is one of the main avenues in Indautxu district, downtown Bilbao, therefore all of there is to see and visit is at most a 20-minute walk. One of the most iconic monuments or sightseeing points in the city is the Guggenheim Museum, offering a 15-minute walk along the river, going across the famous park Doña Casilda, a lovely park with a somewhat bohemian vibe to it where everybody can enjoy of a nice time surrounded by nature and amenities for children. From there, the Old Town can also be an interesting destination in order to get acquainted with the traditional gastronomy and folklore (The Basque Museum is in the Old Town). There are other ways to get to the Old Town from our location (on foot) while also visiting some interesting places, for example, the Azkuna Center (Alhondiga), a building complex destined to all types of leisure (cinema, library, gym, indoor swimming pool, bars and restaurants). Roaming around the area of Abando, headed for the Old Town, there are multiple boutiques and fashion stores all along the main avenue, Gran Vía; crossing the bridge of El Arenal (which separates Abando from the Old Town) there is the Arriaga Theatre, also worth paying a visit.

Optimi Rooms is located in downtown Bilbao, 10 minutes away from Moyua Square (on foot), in the heart of Indautxu district.
This hostel has been designed with an outmost detailed esthetic, composed by vanguard materials which offer a minimalistic and futuristic look, with metallic hallways in gliste

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