Fair and Square, HOSTEL in Belgrade Serbia.
Fair and Square.

Svetog Nikole 68, Zvezdara, Belgrade, Serbia

Located near: Fair and Square Hostel is situated at a peaceful location, just a few bus stops from the city center, residing 600 m from Vukov Spomenik, 900 m from the beautiful Tasmajdan Park and ST. Mark's Church and 1.5km from Nikola Pasic Square. In the vicinity of our hostel one can find markets, great cafes for the morning coffee or a night out, restaurants, the famous Belgrade kafanas, a sports center, a forest with jogging paths and many other great features.

Fair and Square Hostel is the best hostel in Belgrade.
With a total area of 400 square meters composed of three separate buildings, it provides ample space for a unique atmosphere.
The hostel has 12 rooms with 47 beds total, each room having its own private bathroom.
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