Yust Antwerp, HOSTEL in Antwerp Belgium.
Yust Antwerp.

Coveliersstraat 6, Antwerp, Belgium

Located near: Our hotel is located in Berchem, right next to the famous beer brewery De Koninck. 8 minutes away from Berchem station and 20 minutes away from our award-winning train station Antwerp Central. Around the corner you can find het Groen Kwartier, a new and green neighborhood that was a former military hospital site and PAKT, a former industrial site that has been transformed into a central meeting place for entrepreneurs, worth the visit!

Flexible housing, unique events, food, drinks and great services with a baseline of art and culture.
It’s a blend of short and long-term living, located in an emerging neighborhood in the heart of Antwerp.
We offer a place within places, surrounded by a wide offer of common facilities, giving you th

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