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    Winter land Turin
    The first capital of Italy 10.23.2015 TOP VISITED CITIES
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    Italy is no doubt one of the most beautiful countries in the world, not even trying to advertise it, its beautiful nature talks itself. Turin is sometimes forgotten, but no make mistake, Turin has an elegance and beauty, plus it's the birthplace of fiat cars,it inspired the black and white stripes on Juventus football team's flag and it gave the world the first saleable hard chocolate. It was the first capital of Italy and it donated its monarchy, House of Savoy. Located in Piedmont region, in...

  • Photo of Battle of the Oranges, Ivrea, Turin


    Battle of the Oranges, Ivrea Symbolizing the guards of an evil

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    Annually at the end of the February there is a celebration that is worth visiting, Battle of the Oranges, held in Italian town Ivrea, everyone gathering together under fruit attack during the Battle of the Oranges. But be car...

  • Photo of Ivrea Orange Fest, Turin


    Ivrea Orange Fest March 3 9 2011 Ivrea Italy

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    Everyone has heard of La Tomatina, the famous and crazy Spanish tomato food fight, but far fewer are familiar a fight of a different fruit… oranges. A little medieval town called Ivrea, about 40 minutes north of Turin in...

  • Photo of Olympics Games, Turin


    Olympics Games Torino 2006

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    A tradition that dates back to Ancient Greece, the Olympic Games are a symbol of international unity, representing far more than a series of sporting events. The philosophy and ethics of the Olympic Spirit: peace among diffe...