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    Morocco, exotic gateway to Africa
    Lyrical landscapes carpet 09.25.2013 TRAVEL INFO
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    If you are open enough to see mountains, deserts, valleys and the sea, all in one, Marocco will be a great getaway to Africa...with its edgy and marvelous capital Rabat, and Marrakech which is the imperial city with fascinating medina and old, cosy cafes. Morocco is a country that has plenty to offer, with an incredible nature, that will leave any visitor breathless, Moroccan mountains, rugged coastlines and waterfalls, there is nothing in this country that will leave you indifferent. Morocco wr...

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    Royal city Rabat Festival Mawazine

    EVENTS in Rabat, Morocco
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    Are you looking for something different this year? Planning May holidays but have no idea where to go? Well, Morocco would be perfect solution, while in Rabat city there is held huge, successful and totally free Festival Mawa...