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    Welcoming package of Tanzania's adventures
    Characteristic warmth and politeness 01.09.2015 DESTINATIONS
    Moshi, Tanzania [ Book Hostels in Moshi ]
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    If you want to travel back in time, Tanzania will be the best destination possible, snow capped Kilimanjaro, incredibly friendly people and fascinating mixture of cultures! It comes with in a package of idyllic beaches, coastal villages and tranquil islands, in few words, a paradise on earth.

    When I say travel back in time, I mean it, see the days when East African coast was sultan's seat and where sunrises haven't changed with centuries, still remaining in pastel-colours, sail ......

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    Hostel Kili Excellent service and welcome

    DESTINATIONS in Moshi, Tanzania
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    The hostel is situated in a village just outside Moshi called Mbokomu. Michelle lives at the hostel herself so in on hand to deal with any enquiries or problems. There are all Western bathroom and kitchen facilities and the p...