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    Emeralds beaches and forever blue sky
    Ibiza, sound style madness 06.05.2014 EVENTS
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    The season has officially started, Ibiza , for most of you means, a party island, with endless clubs and places to get crazy and fully enjoy the sun, sea and great partying...but Ibiza is more than just great partying, it's a Greek island of Pine trees, about half of this island remains covered by thick woods. The spring in Ibiza is indescribable, the blossom of almond trees, olives and figs will take your breath away. Once you get away from the main action of Ibiza party side, you will experien...

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    Boat party in Ibiza Paradise on Earth for clubbers

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    The best destination in Europe to party, Ibiza, is a paradise on Earth for clubbers. The island is part of the Balearic Islands, in Spain, and host three cities: San Antonio, Ibiza Town and Santa Eulària des Riu. Also called...

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    White Isle Ibiza Closing Season Party

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    Have you ever been to Ibiza? The island of never ending parties, well, have to tell you that the parties will have their final on September, as its on from May being Europe's party Capital, and its sad for all clubbers. I...

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    White Island Ibiza Amazing destination

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    You know the best party place In the world? Sure, it's Ibiza, la Isla bianca, the most beautiful from the four Balearic islands, also the location is perfect, the closest to the mainland Spain. The main city, and also the ca...