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    Corfu, laid back beauty
    Magic of Greece 09.11.2015 CITY LIVE
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    Mediterranean sun, the best Feta cheese, white bleached houses, blue rooftops, plenty flowers and deep blue water, sounds like Paradise? Greece! If you are planing to visit this beautiful country, be prepared to do some informative reading first, the country's main characteristic are the islands, 6000 of them and plus tiny islets scattered in the Ionian and Aegean seas. The best phenomen for the European continent is the fact that 227 islands are inhabited, so you can easily play Robinson Crusoe...

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    Beautiful and rich land Shimmering olive groves of Corfu

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    A big island on northern Greece, Corfu is a well known tourist destination during the summer, especially because it looks like a tropical paradise, with the already famous blue waters of the mediterranean wetting its white sa...