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    Bristol, British city on the rise
    One of England hub of culture 01.30.2016 DESTINATIONS
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    Despite its far-flung location from London on the west coast of England, Bristol is the 13th most visited city in the UK.

    In 2014, The Sunday Times declared Bristol the best city to live in Britain, and in 2009 an Eyewitness guide for young adults named it as one of the top ten cities in the world. There were several good reasons for these conclusions.

    For starters, the city is steeped in beauty. Visitors have the opportunty to admire over 4300 Grade-listed buildings...

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    Cheese Rolling festival Gloucestershire, Coppers Hill

    EVENTS in Bristol, England
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    June is the first month of summer, so people all over the Europe start to make barbecues and going for holidays, but British are rolling down the hill ...with cheese. Sounds crazy? It's not for them, every year on the bank ho...