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  • Photo of Ostello degli Elefanti, Catania


    Ostello degli Elefanti
    Catania, Italy

    BACKPACKER STORIES in Catania, Italy

    [ Book Hostels in Catania ]

    Hostel Name: Ostello degli ElefantiCity: CataniaCountry: ItalyYour Name: Marcello RannoA Brief Description of your hostelOur hostel is located in a beautiful XVII century building situated in the vibrant heart of Catania. From every room and terrace you can almost touch the city's most important monuments and our fascinating volcan...

  • Photo of Envoy Hostel Yerevan, Yerevan


    Envoy Hostel Yerevan
    Yerevan, Armenia

    BACKPACKER STORIES in Yerevan, Armenia

    [ Book Hostels in Yerevan ]

    INFOHOSTELS.COM HOSTEL OWNER QUESTIONNAIRE: Hostel Name: Envoy Hostel Yerevan City: Yerevan Country: Armenia Your Name: Erik Carapetian, owner A Brief Description of your hostel: Focused on delivering excellence in budget accommodation, Envoy Hostel Yerevan was opened in September of 2005. Designed by travelers for travelers, with a focus ...

  • Photo of Sin City Hostel, Las Vegas


    Sin City Hostel
    Las Vegas, USA


    [ Book Hostels in Las Vegas ]

    INFOHOSTELS.COM HOSTEL OWNER QUESTIONNAIRE: Hostel Name: Sin City Hostel City: Las Vegas Country: USA Your Name: Jason L. Ordiway, owner A Brief Description of your hostel: Since 2003, owned and operated by locals. Sin City Hostel is the oldest operating hostel in Las Vegas. We are the smallest hostel in Vegas, but...

  • Photo of Sleepy Lion, Leipzig


    Sleepy Lion
    Leipzig, Germany

    BACKPACKER STORIES in Leipzig, Germany

    [ Book Hostels in Leipzig ]

    INFOHOSTELS.COM HOSTEL OWNER QUESTIONNAIRE: Hostel Name: Sleepy Lion City: Leipzig Country: Germany Your Name: Ronny Siegmund, owner A Brief Description of your hostel: The Sleepy Lion is the very first independent hostel in the city of Leipzig, now with nearly 200 beds in the center of town. All rooms are en-suite, 24 h...

  • Photo of Winner Best Hosted Accommodation Award, Georgia, Tbilisi


    Winner Best Hosted Accommodation Award, Georgia
    Envoy Hostel Tbilisi, Georgia

    BACKPACKER STORIES in Tbilisi, Georgia

    [ Book Hostels in Tbilisi ]

    Warm atmosphere, friendly staff, astonishing view of the stunning city of Tbilisi from the rooftop... what else does one need for the best travel experience? Of course, comfortable accommodation. Among numerous nominees competing against 20 different categories, Envoy Hostel & Tours was announced the winner of "Best Hosted Accommodation" at the G...

  • Photo of Abraham Hostel Jerusalem, Jerusalem


    Abraham Hostel Jerusalem
    Jerusalem, Israel

    BACKPACKER STORIES in Jerusalem, Israel

    [ Book Hostels in Jerusalem ]

    INFOHOSTELS.COM HOSTEL OWNER QUESTIONNAIRE: Hostel Name: Abraham Hostel Jerusalem City: Jerusalem Country: Israel Your Name: Yaron Burgin, owner A Brief Description of your hostel: Abraham Hostel Jerusalem was opened in 2010 in order to provide quality accommodation for independent travelers in the Middle East. The host...

  • Photo of Ring Hostel, Ischia


    Ring Hostel
    Ischia, Italy

    BACKPACKER STORIES in Ischia, Italy

    [ Book Hostels in Ischia ]

    INFOHOSTELS.COM HOSTEL OWNER QUESTIONNAIRE: Hostel Name: Ring Hostel City: Ischia Country: Italy Your Name: Cat Lorenzo Colella, owner A Brief Description of your hostel: Ring Hostel is close to the beach in the historic center of Forio. Relax in good company while the Colella Family shows you the best parts of the island! Breakf...

  • Photo of The Doctor's House, Sarajevo


    The Doctor's House
    Sarajevo, Bosna i Hercegovina

    BACKPACKER STORIES in Sarajevo, Bosnia And Herzegovina

    [ Book Hostels in Sarajevo ]

    INFOHOSTELS.COM HOSTEL OWNER QUESTIONNAIRE: Hostel Name: The Doctor's House City: Sarajevo Country: Bosna i Hercegovina Your Name: Cat Norman Tahirovic, owner A Brief Description of your hostel: At The Doctor's House, we believe in hospitality as a helping profession. Through all the services we offer, we connect you directly...

  • Photo of Late coming of age party of Taipei, Taipei


    Late coming of age party of Taipei
    Finally comfortable in its own skin

    BACKPACKER STORIES in Taipei, Taiwan

    [ Book Hostels in Taipei ]

    Taiwan is one of the best destinations in world, beautiful landscapes, rich culture, hundreds of temples and overall a green island that gives you more than promised. It's home to entire Chinese traditions, Buddhism and collection of of deities and's a magical place of three dimensional mosaic rooftops, empress of heaven and a very str...

  • Photo of Barcelona,  always pulsating city, Barcelona


    Barcelona, always pulsating city
    Over the top of modernity

    BACKPACKER STORIES in Barcelona, Spain

    [ Book Hostels in Barcelona ]

    If you are looking for the best place to do Festas in Europe , there is just one city standing out, definitely carrying this title with head held high, a nation that calls "day off" - fiesta, which means party, Spanish definitely know how to enjoy life...Catalonia and Barcelona were one of the first tourist destinations in Spain, they know how to p...

  • Photo of Solo Woman Traveller Column, Kyoto


    Solo Woman Traveller Column
    Girl about the Globe

    BACKPACKER STORIES in Kyoto, Japan

    [ Book Hostels in Kyoto ]

    If you're planning your trip for 2013, now is the best time to book it with sales galore. There are great sales on airlines and tours. Here’s a couple to whet your travel appetite: and 2013 Top Destination New Zealand - After the success of the film The Hobbit. New Zealand is set to be one of the top desti...

  • Photo of Lamu is a city in the Indian Ocean, Kenya, Lamu


    Lamu is a city in the Indian Ocean, Kenya
    African sunsets are magnificent


    [ Book Hostels in Lamu ]

    With donkeys as the main mean of transportation and only five cars on the island, Lamu represents more than exoticism. It’s hard to find words to explain how this place is incredibly charming. Lamu is a Muslim city located on the Kenyan coast in the Indian Ocean. The streets are old, small, smelly, and dirty: quaint in one word. Careful where ...

  • Photo of Climbing In Yangshuo, Yangshuo


    Climbing In Yangshuo
    South East China

    BACKPACKER STORIES in Yangshuo, China

    [ Book Hostels in Yangshuo ]

    Yangshuo in south east China is rapidly becoming the new hotspot for climbing overtaking the now extremely polished routes in Krabi, Thailand. Whilst trickier to get to from Europe and it lacks the beach, it more than makes up for with stunning scenery and amazing climbs. In Krabi you are restricted to an island and novice climbers have to fierce...

  • Photo of Trans Siberian Railway, Moscow


    Trans Siberian Railway
    Backpacker view

    BACKPACKER STORIES in Moscow, Russia

    [ Book Hostels in Moscow ]

    With a mixture of excitement and apprehension, I start my journey. 7 days in total, 9000 kilometres travelling, across 10 time zones, crossing 3countries. Travelling across deserts, lakes and forests. Probably most daunting of all a having to deal with the nightmare which is Russian bureaucracy. As I board the train all the horror stories I’ve b...

  • Photo of Europe's 5 TOP Destinations, Amsterdam


    Europe's 5 TOP Destinations
    Rome, London, Paris, Barcelona, Amsterdam

    BACKPACKER STORIES in Amsterdam, Netherlands

    [ Book Hostels in Amsterdam ]

    Here they are! The most voted destination in Europe 2010. We have received many votes and a huge interested in this first competition. So, thank you for voting, expressing your opinion and giving the cities a chance to be noticed and nominated among the bests. TOP 5 Destinations are: 1 - Rome, Italy 2 - London, UK 3 - Paris, France 4...

  • Photo of Photography Exhibition: Dieci/Ten - Fotografi Brasiliani, Sao Paulo


    Photography Exhibition: Dieci/Ten - Fotografi Brasiliani
    Sao Paulo, 8 - 30 of April, 2010

    BACKPACKER STORIES in Sao Paulo, Brazil

    [ Book Hostels in Sao Paulo ]

    Brazil is known as a country of a very strong identity and outstanding characteristics. Thais diverse nature creates a very favorable environment for creativity of Brazilian people, resulting in various artistic experiments. Therefore, Brazilian art is rich varying from modern expressions to contemporary arts. One of the best samples of this unique...

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