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One of the greatest things about Budapest is that you can explore the city in a few days and you cannot be tir

Budapest Hungary 07-Mag-2019 DESTINATIONS

The day of “Pesce d’Aprile” (april fish) is April 1st. It’s not an official holiday, b

Rome Italy 01-Apr-2019 EVENTS

Cusco is the most famous city of Peru after the capital Lima. Most of the people know it as the starting point

Cusco Peru 20-Mar-2019 DESTINATIONS

Saint Patrick’s day is a holiday that celebrates the Irish culture all around the world with parades, mu

Dublin Ireland 15-Mar-2019 TOP VISITED CITIES

From the most breathtaking view of the modern and astonishing skyline to the best hikes into the wild nature t

Hong Kong Hong Kong 27-Feb-2019 TOP VISITED CITIES

Cycling through Berlin is an experience not to be missed. Giant parks, canal paths, and beautiful architecture

Berlin Germany 19-Feb-2019 TOP VISITED CITIES

Seoul is a mix of modern buildings, popular styles, and ancient places The best way to explore Seoul is by do

Seoul South Korea 10-Feb-2019 TOP VISITED CITIES

Green parks and mountains, that’s Melbourne. Here you can enjoy Australian Downunder nature at its fines

Melbourne Australia 06-Feb-2019 TOP VISITED CITIES

The city to practice fitness, sports, local dances always in contact with nature and culture: in Rio, you can

Rio de Janeiro Brazil 24-Gen-2019 TOP VISITED CITIES

One day in Barcelona and not sure what to see? Have a quick look at our 5 tips of things to do in Barcelona to

Barcelona Spain 21-Gen-2019 TOP VISITED CITIES