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Kuala Lumpur, best known as KL, is located on the west coast of the Malaysian peninsular in between Thailand a

Kuala Lumpur Malaysia 13-Nov-2015 DESTINATIONS

Brazil is one of the most requested vacation destinations in the world, it's the huge country of South America

Rio de Janeiro Brazil 12-Nov-2015 TOP VISITED CITIES

Once it gets colder and the winter comes, we somehow tend to go to winterland places, which can fully spoil ou

Oslo Norway 12-Nov-2015 DESTINATIONS

After the complicated and awful past that Poland has been through in the Second World War, it shines even brig

Warsaw Poland 11-Nov-2015 DESTINATIONS

INFOHOSTELS.COM HOSTEL OWNER QUESTIONNAIRE: Hostel Name: Ring Hostel City: Ischia Country: Italy

Ischia Italy 11-Nov-2015 BACKPACKER STORIES

Toronto is probably the most multicultural city in the world, with over 140 languages spoken, it's diverse and

Toronto Canada 10-Nov-2015 EVENTS

Dublin introduced by: Backpackers Citi Hostel Established as a viking settlement, there's no way Dublin could

Dublin Ireland 10-Nov-2015 HOSTELS NEWS

You might be thinking, what's the secret of living a beautiful and meaningful life, well , you don't have to

Gent Belgium 09-Nov-2015 TOP VISITED CITIES

INFOHOSTELS.COM HOSTEL OWNER QUESTIONNAIRE: Hostel Name: The Doctor's House City: Sarajevo Country

Sarajevo Bosnia And Herzegovina 09-Nov-2015 BACKPACKER STORIES

Prague has always been a great place to visit, a beautiful and very alive city with great drinking options, th

Prague Czech Republic 07-Nov-2015 EVENTS