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Berlin is Germanys biggest  city and capital and maybe the country’s most interesting and fun place

Berlin Germany 16-Set-2016 Destinations

Mexico is known and beloved for being a land of vibrant culture, rich  history and spicy food. The people

Mexico City Mexico 15-Set-2016 Destinations

Copenhagen so subtly became a powerhouse for Europe and a must see for backpackers. Within 30 years it has bec

Copenhagen Denmark 13-Set-2016 Destinations

Toronto is the highlight of anyone’s trip to charismatic and culturally diverse Canada. The city itself

Toronto Canada 31-Ago-2016 Destinations

Venice is one of the most exciting places in Italy, nothing in the world is like this great city other than ev

Venice Italt 28-Ago-2016 EVENTS

Thinking of an affordable destination to travel to? Somewhere with depth of culture and historic sights? Going

Yerevan Armenia 20-Ago-2016 EVENTS

Barcelona, the capital city of the autonomous region of Catalunya, is an international hub for artists, food,

Barcelona Spain 14-Ago-2016 TOP VISITED CITIES

A City full of history, rich culture and amazing attractions Osaka although having a population of 2.9 millio

Osaka Japan 12-Ago-2016 Destinations

Lisbon can be a  lifelong experience of discovery. However, as young travellers we don’t have the c

Lisbon Portugal 08-Ago-2016 BACKPACKER STORIES

For the average backpacker Dubai doesn’t tend to be on the list. It’s expensive to get there and b

Dubai United Arab Emirates 02-Ago-2016 TOP VISITED CITIES