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Here they are popular events to enjoy Tokyo in the months of January and February. Wishes, rituals and temples

Tokyo Japan 13-Gen-2017 TOP VISITED CITIES

The city where the tango is breathed in any corner, the coffee demands a few hours of slow chat, and the pizza

Buenos Aires Argentina 12-Gen-2017 Destinations

It’s usual for the tourists, that in only few hours they have to visit a place, where they should spend

Krakow Poland 27-Dec-2016 Destinations

Cape Town is a destination for the explorer that appreciates the rarer elements of life. Cape town is nestled

Cape Town South Africa 12-Dec-2016 TOP VISITED CITIES

Food is often a great reason for travel and for providing an opportunity to experience new cultures from a ver

Tbilisi Georgia 09-Dec-2016 Destinations

Barcelona is as vibrant a city as they come. The bright Catalan capital has an impressive repertoire of gorgeo

Barcelona Spain 30-Nov-2016 TOP VISITED CITIES

Hong Kong is one of the most unique cities in the World and worth the visit just to see the metropolis straddl

Hong Kong Hong Kong 22-Nov-2016 TOP VISITED CITIES

Edinburgh is one of Scotland’s most important cultural cities. Edinburgh is home to the national parliam

Edinburgh Scotland 19-Nov-2016 Destinations

Korean Institute's Culture week The beginning of next week sees the start of the beautiful Korea Week in Rome

Rome Italy 18-Nov-2016 EVENTS

If you want to spend a long weekend in one of the most popular European capital city, here is how to explore t

Lisbon Portugal 14-Nov-2016 TOP VISITED CITIES