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Blue Parrot Backpackers

Sydney, Australia

Very loved by their guests, Blue Parrot Backpackers is a hostel in Sydney, with great price and good facilities. When travelling to Australia's capita...

City: Sydney
Country: Australia
( staff)

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Barcelona, art imitates life

Living the good life in Spain

Having all that a good European city has, street markets, bars, museums and beautiful churches, Barcelona is a city able to make you feel the old and ...

City: Barcelona
Country: Spain
( staff)

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Place to delight in, Hong Kong

City of simple pleasures

A more than significant economic and financial hub, Hong Kong is among the world's most important metropolis, a cosmopolitan and culturally diverse Sp...

City: Hong Kong
Country: China
( staff)

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Boutike Hostel

Seville, Spain

If you like fancy stuff, a boutique hostel in Seville is the perfect place for you. In the beautiful Spain where the weather is heavenly and the peopl...

City: Seville
Country: Spain
( staff)

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Short of cockiness and flaming, Belgium

Chocolate, a symbol of love

Who ever said that Belgians were boring and the only thing fun to do was the beer? Some jealous, self deluding foreigners, those who want to ignore Be...

City: Brussels
Country: Belgium
( staff)

Info Hostels photo 2276

Southern jungles and Northern deserts

Mexico, chic and cutting edge fusion

Mexico is somewhere between reality and dreams, right in the middle, giving you the hard reality of poverty and paradise around it, there is no preco...

City: Mexico City
Country: Mexico
( staff)

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Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

Don't know where to stay in Rio de Janeiro? What about near the beach? Even better if it's Ipanema! In Harmonia hostel you stay three blocks away from...

City: Rio de Janeiro
Country: Brazil
( staff)

Info Hostels photo 2274

Switzerland, must do before death

Epic journeys and incredible experience

Switzerland seems like this perfectly organized place on planet, one of very few, where everything flows after a very strict schedule or Swiss Watch.....

City: Zurich
Country: Switzerland
( staff)

Info Hostels photo 2273

May de Ville Backpackers

Hanoi, Vietnam

Very cheap and as fancy as a big hostel, that's May de Ville Backpackers in Hanoi. It's a spacious and beautiful place with everything you may need, l...

City: Hanoi
Country: Vietnam
( staff)

Info Hostels photo 2272

Toronto, urban yet green

Driven by the seasons

The most populous city in Canada, Toronto is on the shore of Lake Ontario and the centre of the Greater Toronto Area, with more than six million inhab...

City: Toronto
Country: Canada
( staff)

Info Hostels photo 2271

Mykonos, great glamour island

Relentless party

One of the most famous destinations in Greece, Mykonos is an island in the middle of the Aegean Sea, a cosmopolitan destination in the country and per...

City: Mykonos
Country: Greece
( staff)

Info Hostels photo 2270

Sydney, abundance of pearls

Pretensions to glamour

Australia is huge, diverse and simply stunning, being the sixth largest country in the world, offering every tourist, gender a life time experience wi...

City: Sydney
Country: Australia
( staff)

Info Hostels photo 2269

Sensibilities and sagas of Iceland

Midnight sun and symphony of natural beauties

Imagine a place, where the past meets the future, making a perfect harmony of present, the only elements existing will be wind, stone, ice and fire, I...

City: Reykjavik
Country: Iceland
( staff)

Info Hostels photo 2268

Cambodia, realm of the gods

Inspiring and depressing history

Also known as the Kingdom of Wonder, Cambodia is a relatively untouched destination offering a wide range of sights to visit. From exquisite beaches i...

City: Phnom Penh
Country: Cambodia
( staff)

Info Hostels photo 2267

Costa Rica, choice and variety

Overwhelming natural beauty

Only a small country in Central America, Costa Rica is the country that has the largest percentage of its territory covered by protected areas, that i...

City: San Jose
Country: Costa Rica
( staff)

Info Hostels photo 2266

Valletta, wee capital of Malta

Mediterranean cocktail

Malta is like no other island, here are temples, cliffs, remarkable history and stunning scenery! Thrilling diving opportunity is just one of the bunc...

City: Valletta
Country: Malta
( staff)

Info Hostels photo 2265

Sterile Utopia and dull Singapore

Rich social stew

Probably the most fascinating country in the world, Singapore usually shows itself in our mind as a very hot country with exotic food, lots of seawate...

City: Singapore
Country: Singapore
( staff)

Info Hostels photo 2264

Embarrassment of artistic riches

Sparkling Seas, Restless Mountains, Sicily

Sicily is a marvelous place, eternal meeting point between two continents, Africa and Europe, with years it has become a gorgeous holiday destination,...

City: Palermo
Country: Italy
( staff)

Info Hostels photo 2263

Santo Domingo, sound of life

Romance with white pastel colored buildings

Dreaming about a paradise destination, golden beaches and stunning scenery? Dominican Republic has it all and more for you, it's one of the Caribbean'...

City: Santo Domingo
Country: Dominican Republic
( staff)

Info Hostels photo 2262

Croatia, sense of awe and beauty

Pearl of the Adriatic, Dubrovnik

Called The Pearl of the Adriatic, Dubrovnik is only a small city in south Croatia, but it is becoming one of the most prominent tourist destinations i...

City: Dubrovnik
Country: Croatia
( staff)

Info Hostels photo 2261

Bangkok, exotic and tropical

Coral gardens and pearlescent sand

Smiley faces, friendly people, exotic and tropical land, with bunch of culture and history, stunning beach resorts, gaudy temples and simply stunning ...

City: Bangkok
Country: Thailand
( staff)

Info Hostels photo 2260

Garrulous and amiable Dubliners

Fascinating history and brilliant personality

Sunny is a relative term in this country, the sun comes a lot more from people than from the sky, it's a small country with a huge reputation, great b...

City: Dublin
Country: Ireland
( staff)

Info Hostels photo 2259

Magical kingdom of fantasies

Stunning and unique Miami

The World is Yours, that's the phrase that totally characterizes Miami, the classic tourist beach hump, a place , where anything seems possible, a pla...

City: Miami
Country: USA
( staff)

Info Hostels photo 2258

Saint Tropez, sizzling jet set favorite

Mesmerizing quaint beauty

A perfect beach, sun glowing, happy people and breathtaking views, what else could you possibly wish for a perfect getaway, enjoying the last glimpse ...

City: Saint Tropez
Country: France
( staff)

Info Hostels photo 2257

Jungle walks and Amazon safaris

Colombia on the move

How would you feel about a place where the sun is forever overhead? I would love it! How would you feel to visit the country that produce the best cof...

City: Bogota
Country: Colombia
( staff)

Info Hostels photo 2256

Share of challenges in Kuala Lumpur

Malaysian ingenuity and determination

An amazing mix of cultural influences and traditions, Kuala Lumpur is more than just a capital , is the melting point and the greatest monument of the...

City: Kuala Lumpur
Country: Malaysia
( staff)

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MIR Hostel

St Petersburg, Russia

Right at the centre of Saint Petersburg, just few steps away from St. Isaac's Cathedral, you will find Mir Hostel, a new accommodation perfect for eve...

City: St Petersburg
Country: Russia
( staff)

Info Hostels photo 2254

Extraordinary beauty of Norway

Land of glaciers, grand and glorious

There are those countries that are blessed with natural beauty and wonders, but with time they get tired from countless visitors and start to sell low...

City: Oslo
Country: Norway
( staff)

Info Hostels photo 2253

Cultural Capital of the Americas

Cordoba, fascinating mix of old and new

If you are looking for an exciting and jolly destination in Argentina, Cordoba is the place for you. The second largest city in the country and capita...

City: Cordoba
Country: Argentina
( staff)

Info Hostels photo 2252

City of the World s Desire

Istanbul, days of Suleyman the Magnificent

The last getaway in this summer could Turkey, in between Asia and Europe, a Eurasian country where the three continents of the old world - Asia, Afri...

City: Istanbul
Country: Turkey
( staff)

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