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Natural beauty of Guatemala

Jungles and volcanoes

If you are looking for that special holiday destination, Central America is Must, specially mysterious Guatemala that has the most diverse landscapes ...

City: Antigua
Country: Guatemala
( staff)

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Rich and busy port city

Vieux Port of Marseille

The whole world might be amazed about Paris, but the real capital of culture of the country is Marseille, many great cities rise and fall, but Marseil...

City: Marseille
Country: France
( staff)

Info Hostels photo 2477

Exotic Bangkok

Never ending Thai-ness

Bangkok, seems the same old same old Thailand's experience, but somehow it's so refreshing and alive, that collides the excotic with the laid back and...

City: Bangkok
Country: Thailand
( staff)

Info Hostels photo 2476

Wildest Mediterranean fantasy

Croatia, the edge of Empires

Every single one of us has this perfect Mediterranean fantasy, balmy days, turquoise water, ancient towns and a world away feeling to totally enjoy yo...

City: Split
Country: Croatia
( staff)

Info Hostels photo 2475

The best city in the world

New York, always ahead

New York, the land of promises and dreams come true, where everything seems better, sweeter and brighter. Yes, indeed, it's one of the world's greates...

City: New York
Country: USA
( staff)

Info Hostels photo 2474

Capital on two continents

Cultural treasures of Istanbul

Located on the crossroads of Asia and Europe, there is just one city, Istanbul, a city that has survived three successive empires during 2000 years an...

City: Istanbul
Country: Turkey
( staff)

Info Hostels photo 2473

Worldly and energetic Chile

Old guard city Santiago

South America is a dream destinations for everyone, whether you are hot weather missing European, North American or African willing to get the endless...

City: Santiago
Country: Chile
( staff)

Info Hostels photo 2472

Architectural icons of France

Paris, luxurious and elegant

Paris, the city of the light, founded more than 2000 years ago, carrying around its fabulousness and uniqueness like a golden medal around the world. ...

City: Paris
Country: France
( staff)

Info Hostels photo 2471

City in a Garden

Singapore, Infinitive experience

Singapore, that's a city we can say, has it all! For some could be too sterile and clean , for some, the best city in the world, for some a city in th...

City: Singapore
Country: Singapore
( staff)

Info Hostels photo 2470

London, mixture of spices

Imagination becomes reality

England is a green land with something of everything for everyone, London of course, is the jewel and pride of the country. One of the most visited an...

City: London
Country: England
( staff)

Info Hostels photo 2469

Finest city of America

San Diego, amazing Coastline

United States of America, a huge continent, with plenty resources and stunning cities to discover, but there is just one, that The Finest City, San Di...

City: San Diego
Country: USA
( staff)

Info Hostels photo 2468

Eras and styles of Cairo

Mother of the World

Egypt, a marvelous place that is screaming to be discovered, in spite of social and political troubles, it keeps shining, I mean who doesn't have thos...

City: Cairo
Country: Egypt
( staff)

Info Hostels photo 2467

Finland, deep north

Endless lights of summer

Get yourself a very different vacation, in a deep nord, with neverending summer light, forests and fairytale alike lakes, endless cutting edge urbanit...

City: Helsinki
Country: Finland
( staff)

Info Hostels photo 2466

Auckland, city of volcanoes

Wild side of New Zealand

Only few places on this planet have kept their beauty as it was, and the human beings are just the same loving hearts they were back then...a country ...

City: Auckland
Country: New Zealand
( staff)

Info Hostels photo 2465

Porto, dreamy romance

Portugal experience

They say, whether you go, go with all your heart, and that's more than true, you have to feel it as yours, sometimes there are exceptions, that the c...

City: Porto
Country: Portugal
( staff)

Info Hostels photo 2464

Solar system of Mexico

Child of Latin America

Heading somewhere sunny? Well, this country geographically belongs to North America but with its whole heart and soul is try Latin America's child...M...

City: Mexico City
Country: Mexico
( staff)

Info Hostels photo 2463

The best city in Sweden

Stockholm, a mirage of saffron

Made up of 14 islands, Stockholm is the most populous city of Sweden, and the number one destination in the country. The city has more than 50 bridges...

City: Stockholm
Country: Sweden
( staff)

Info Hostels photo 2462

Seoul, dynamic mash-up

Economic powerhouse and universe of teas

Dig in into 5000 years of history and incredible culture, South Korea, with morning calm only, with the third largest powerhouse of Asia's economy bas...

City: Seoul
Country: South Korea
( staff)

Info Hostels photo 2461

Royal capital Copenhagen

Scandinavian beauty

BBC has officially announced that the happiest population in the world are Danish people! They are content with their lives, some would say why would...

City: Copenhagen
Country: Denmark
( staff)

Info Hostels photo 2460

Chic Manhattan

Many crown of New York city

Once you visit USA, you won't be able to get enough of it, not to even mention getting everywhere and see's like never ending place to...

City: New York
Country: USA
( staff)

Info Hostels photo 2459

Futuristic buildings and great life

The best arts of Valencia

Missing some place hot, easy going and extremely beautiful? Valencia,there is no other to compare to, the third largest city in Spain, located at the ...

City: Valencia
Country: Spain
( staff)

Info Hostels photo 2458

Manila in Philippines

Pearl of the Orient

Looking to go somewhere paradisal? Well, check the weather charts and pray that the rain season doesn't come, your paradise will be ruined then. Phili...

City: Manila
Country: Philippines
( staff)

Info Hostels photo 2457

Passionate Spain, Barcelona

Best Fiestas and art

Barcelona, a travel into time machine, passing by 14th century's cathedrals, ancient walls and stone corridors of Romans and Franks under which contro...

City: Barcelona
Country: Spain
( staff)

Info Hostels photo 2456

Sao Paulo, the best in Brazil

Enormous and intimidating monster

Covering almost a half of South America's continent, Brazil is the biggest nation in here, no doubt the most impressive one and not gonna argue, one o...

City: Sao Paulo
Country: Brazil
( staff)

Info Hostels photo 2455

Monte Carlo of Monaco

Royal and extravagant destination

What's your next destination? Have you thought about visiting the incredible and extravagant Monte Carlo in Monaco? After the Vatican , it's the world...

City: Nice
Country: France
( staff)

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The best of Cape Town

Mother City of Africa

Yes, every city and country offers its visitors some diversity, but south Africa is special, it has it all, impressive mountains and gorgeous Rivers...

City: Cape Town
Country: South Africa
( staff)

Info Hostels photo 2453

Athens, paradise of gods

Ancient ruins and strong Feta

It seems that we will need a lifetime to see all the magnificent places on this planet, but maybe it's enough just to start with some, Athens, the old...

City: Athens
Country: Greece
( staff)

Info Hostels photo 2452

Extraordinary Culture of Colombia

Caribbean coast and Amazon jungle

Colombia's charm? It's laid back , old fashioned and has no care of the rest of the world, still carrying on as they did since the Spanish left! It's ...

City: Bogota
Country: Colombia
( staff)

Info Hostels photo 2451

Harbourpolis of Germany

Maritime spirit in Hamburg

Hamburg is one of the most visited cities in the world, not shy at all and the second largest city in Germany, called the gateway to the world, Hambur...

City: Hamburg
Country: Germany
( staff)

Info Hostels photo 2450

Glamour and mystique of Shanghai

The best restaurant scene

No matter how many times you have visited China, maybe none, but I assure you, that will be always an adventure, a lifetime experience, because despit...

City: Shanghai
Country: China
( staff)

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