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Positano bites deep

Southern Italian holiday feel

Italy, Italy, a country that for centuries has been the pearl, and it still is, hot blooded people who show their emotions to the whole world, who com...

City: Positano
Country: Italy
( staff)

Info Hostels photo 2399

Bogota, beating heart of Colombia

Jungle and sun-toasted Caribbean sands

Sick and tired of cold and never ending winter, that seems to have sucked all the energy from everyone? Let's head to South America, enjoying never en...

City: Bogota
Country: Colombia
( staff)

Info Hostels photo 2398

Enchanted soul of Warsaw

Culture, energy and action

Warsaw is a city with the enchanted soul in locations that doesn't exist anymore. The particular atmosphere here is produced by fantastic combination ...

City: Warsaw
Country: Poland
( staff)

Info Hostels photo 2397

Temples and majestic palaces of Seoul

South Korea, beyond the walls

Respectful, immense and pulsing, this is Seoul, with nearly 25 million people in the metropolitan area, where you can find and do basically anything. ...

City: Seoul
Country: South Korea
( staff)

Info Hostels photo 2396

Viking lore and impeccable style

Natural beauty of Sweden

Made up of 14 islands, Stockholm is the most populous city of Sweden, and the number one destination in the country. The city has more than 50 bridges...

City: Stockholm
Country: Sweden
( staff)

Info Hostels photo 2395

People from the port

Buenos Aires, a place to fall in love

The sexyest capital in the world, Buenos Aires, is a mix of elegance and European atmosphere, keeping pridely its strong identity and the wilderness o...

City: Buenos Aires
Country: Argentina
( staff)

Info Hostels photo 2394

Drum circle

Rhythm Party in Palermo

March 6, 7et 8 2015 "La bottega delle percusiioni", cortile del fosso in front of the botanical garden. Finally the Drum Circle has come to Palermo!...

City: Palermo
Country: Italy
( staff)

Info Hostels photo 2393

Philippines, pearl of the Orient

True Asian megacity Manila

Let's get somewhere hot, literally, Philippines, with smoking volcanoes, turquoise waters and emerald rice fields, and of course, incredibly happy go ...

City: Manila
Country: Philippines
( staff)

Info Hostels photo 2392

After giving your heart to Saint Valentine

Carnival of Venice is waiting for you

You know that February is all about love and Valentines, but what happens in world's most romantic city after the Grand Ball, that takes place in fanc...

City: Venice
Country: Italy
( staff)

Info Hostels photo 2391

Vivid images of Mexico

Sun in the solar system forever

Heading somewhere sunny? Well, this country geographically belongs to North America but with its whole heart and soul is try Latin America's child...M...

City: Mexico City
Country: Mexico
( staff)

Info Hostels photo 2390

Capital of the European Union

Love the beauty of Brussels

Belgium is a small country which is not much visited by tourists as well. Many people consider it like boring place where its nothing to do. Anyway it...

City: Brussels
Country: Belgium
( staff)

Info Hostels photo 2389

Imperial history of Vienna

Capital of music and great culinary

Vienna is the city of luxurious palaces and majestic squares, beautiful streets and countless parks. The Austrian capital with its thousand years hist...

City: Vienna
Country: Austria
( staff)

Info Hostels photo 2388

Fiji, a vision of nirvana

Soft coral capital of the world

Let's go somewhere warm,sunny, relaxing and totally outstanding! Fiji! All you need to pack are your swimsuit and sunscreen, there is no need for more...

City: Nadi
Country: Fiji
( staff)

Info Hostels photo 2387

Tranquility is charm of Malta

City built by gentlemen for gentlemen

Malta will promise the perfect holidays, it's the perfect place like nowhere else, great temples, amazing cliffs and an incredible history of remarkab...

City: Sliema
Country: Malta
( staff)

Info Hostels photo 2386

Washington, corridors of power

Potent symbol of America

The capital city of the United States and seat for House of the unique hugest free museums in the world, Washington is the capital of the United State...

City: Washington DC
Country: USA
( staff)

Info Hostels photo 2385

Amazing attractions and vibes

Internationale Tourismus Borse Berlin

Berlin is a city full of history and kind people, a capital that receivers several travellers every year for its amazing attractions and vibes, and th...

City: Berlin
Country: Germany
( staff)

Info Hostels photo 2384

Eastern Capital Tokyo

Infinite quality

Tokyo wasn't always this huge metropolis with business running perfectly in, it started as a small castle town called Eda, after few decades it turned...

City: Tokyo
Country: Japan
( staff)

Info Hostels photo 2383

Amsterdam on a bike

Dutch quality

Amsterdam has truly earned its title of "the best" in many categories, called Nord Venice for its many canals,165 canals were created over the centuri...

City: Amsterdam
Country: Netherlands
( staff)

Info Hostels photo 2382

Sydney, one hot mess!

Exquisite harbour and sparkling lights

One of the most important cities of the Orient, Sydney play its part not only as a major tourist destination, but as economic and social hub in Austra...

City: Sydney
Country: Australia
( staff)

Info Hostels photo 2381

Parisian food, to die for!

Finest dining in the French capital

Paris is one of the rare capitals that has it all, the most romantic places, some of the best food scene, great arts, fashion borns here and of course...

City: Paris
Country: France
( staff)

Info Hostels photo 2380

City of experimental theater

New York, dream it up

The most populous and most famous city in the United States, New York's a nerve center of the country, NY is a place where you can get anyth...

City: New York
Country: USA
( staff)

Info Hostels photo 2379

London, something for everyone

Tale of Two Cities

The capital of United Kingdom, the largest city in whole Europe, London is a center of everything, the home for most of the international organization...

City: London
Country: England
( staff)

Info Hostels photo 2378

Singapore in a garden

Bright lights, small city

Singapore has become something huge, not a sterile stopover, not anymore, it's a strong metropolis with billion dollar gardens and heritage shophouses...

City: Singapore
Country: Singapore
( staff)

Info Hostels photo 2377

Eternal city

Cultural and religious heartbeat of Rome

Everyone knows, that Rome is the center of history. religion and somehow is one of the most romantic cities in the world. Consider that 16 percent of ...

City: Rome
Country: Italy
( staff)

Info Hostels photo 2376

Paradise surrounded by sounds of samba

Marvelous city Rio de Janeiro

Would love to escape the cold, have you got enough with the winter? Head to the impressive and evergreen Rio de Janeiro. You will be spoiled by modern...

City: Rio de Janeiro
Country: Brazil
( staff)

Info Hostels photo 2375

Enchanting seaside city Barcelona

Limitless possibilities from sunrise to sunset

A marvelous place between mountains and sea, Barcelona has found a harmonious balance , between ancient traditions and a very avant-garde charm. In Sp...

City: Barcelona
Country: Spain
( staff)

Info Hostels photo 2374

Intense and full of possibilities

World City of Asia, Hong Kong

A more than significant economic and financial hub, Hong Kong is among the world's most important metropolis, a cosmopolitan and culturally diverse Sp...

City: Hong Kong
Country: Hong Kong
( staff)

Info Hostels photo 2373

Wealth and glamour of French Riviera

Cannes, playground for rich and famous

The playground for rich and famous, Cote d'Azur, one of the most famous and richest places in the world, for over a century , where anyone who was any...

City: Cannes
Country: France
( staff)

Info Hostels photo 2372

Good air of Buenos Aires

Sexy, alive and incredibly confident

The sexiest capital in the world, Buenos Aires, is a mix of elegance and European atmosphere, keeping pridely its strong identity and the wilderness o...

City: Buenos Aires
Country: Argentina
( staff)

Info Hostels photo 2371

Moscow thrills day and night

Art, history and majesty

The largest country in the whole world, powerful as hell and ruled by the strongest and most popular president in the world, Russia. Currently standin...

City: Moscow
Country: Russia
( staff)

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