Info Hostels photo 2357

Christmas in Paris

Priceless artistic treasures and never-ending romanticism

You will never know what's the true secret of Paris, is it really the cold Eiffel Tower, Romantic atmosphere that all the lovers create, aroma of maca...

City: Paris
Country: France
( staff)

Info Hostels photo 2356

Colombia, unspoiled Caribbean coast

Enigmatic Amazon jungle

If you are a coffee lover, it's understandable that you will be in a race after the perfect cup, well, you probably know that the perfect coffee cup s...

City: Bogota
Country: Colombia
( staff)

Info Hostels photo 2355

Symphony of wildflowers

Bountiful vineyards of Cape Town

While we travel, discover new places, we learn, that every country on this planet displays some diversity and uniqueness, once we arrive to South Afri...

City: Cape Town
Country: South Africa
( staff)

Info Hostels photo 2354

Multilayered contrasts of Brussels

Illuminations bring an unique atmosphere

Belgium is one of the most fascinating European countries you will ever see, it has all, beautiful landscapes, full of contrasts, Flemish and Eurocra...

City: Brussels
Country: Belgium
( staff)

Info Hostels photo 2353

Hong Kong, beyond the glass and steel

Ancient traditions and heavenly food

A more than significant economic and financial hub, Hong Kong is among the world's most important metropolis, a cosmopolitan and culturally diverse Sp...

City: Hong Kong
Country: Hong Kong
( staff)

Info Hostels photo 2352

Between blue water and bluer skies

Truly inspiring Stockholm, Sweden

Made up of 14 islands, Stockholm is the most populous city of Sweden, and the number one destination in the country. The city has more than 50 bridges...

City: Stockholm
Country: Sweden
( staff)

Info Hostels photo 2351

Dense jungle and glacial peaks

Cusco, archaeological capital of the Americas

There is no place like Peru in the whole world, promising dense jungle, ancient pageantry and glorious Inca empire. Home to incredible Machu Picchu an...

City: Cusco
Country: Peru
( staff)

Info Hostels photo 2350

Edinburgh, begs to be explored

Sudden views and unexpected panoramas

Like many other cities in Europe, Edinburgh has the ancient and the modern side by side, gothic churches and nightclubs, medieval castles and art gall...

City: Edinburgh
Country: Scottland
( staff)

Info Hostels photo 2349

Toronto, most multiculturally diverse city

Hundreds of languages, flavors and aromas

The most populous city in Canada, Toronto is on the shore of Lake Ontario and the centre of the Greater Toronto Area, with more than six million inhab...

City: Toronto
Country: Canada
( staff)

Info Hostels photo 2348

Finally discovered Zagreb, Croatia

Balmy days by sapphire waters

Zagreb is one of the main travel destinations in Croatia, it's a land where countless kingdoms and empires have survived and ruled, republics for mill...

City: Zagreb
Country: Croatia
( staff)

Info Hostels photo 2347

Swaying palms and sparkling waters

Tiny Goa, glorious slice of India

The charmest place on the indian coast, Goa is a dream travel not only for hippies, but for any kind of traveller that likes sunny beaches and local v...

City: Goa
Country: India
( staff)

Info Hostels photo 2346

Portugal spread across hillsides

Colourful cityscape of Lisbon

The capital and largest city of Portugal, Lisbon is a lovely destination. With friendly people, it is considered one of the top places to visit in Eur...

City: Lisbon
Country: Portugal
( staff)

Info Hostels photo 2345

San Diego beaches

Wet suited surfers and Chanel ladies

Beautifully located in the Pacific coast, San Diego is the southernmost city in California, home for more than a million inhabitants, many of them stu...

City: San Diego
Country: USA
( staff)

Info Hostels photo 2344

European Village Brussels

Bureaucratic yet bizarre

Belgium is one of the most fascinating European countries you will ever see, it has all, beautiful landscapes, full of contrasts, Flemish and Eurocra...

City: Brussels
Country: Belgium
( staff)

Info Hostels photo 2343

Rushing waterfalls and blue lakes

Jiuzhaigou Nature Reserve

Have you ever wondered what's there in the middle of China? We all know that the main cities and industrial hubs are in the eastern side/coast, but wh...

City: Chengdu
Country: China
( staff)

Info Hostels photo 2342

A Casa di Amici, Hostel Palermo

One year hostel in Sicily

Palermo is in the festive mood . Christmas is almost here but we at A casa di Amici are already celebrating. The occasion is the first anniversary...

City: Palermo
Country: Italy
( staff)

Info Hostels photo 2341

Beautiful and rich land

Shimmering olive groves of Corfu

A big island on northern Greece, Corfu is a well known tourist destination during the summer, especially because it looks like a tropical paradise, wi...

City: Corfu
Country: Greece
( staff)

Info Hostels photo 2340

New Orleans, boisterous third world

Northernmost Caribbean city

Heading to the America but you have no intention at all to see the classics? Well, there is just one perfect place you should go to, the multicultura...

City: New Orleans
Country: USA
( staff)

Info Hostels photo 2339

Turkey, richly historical land

Eastern Roman Empire Istanbul

The magnificent and unique city of Istanbul, cultural and financial hub of Turkey, is historically a very important piece of land. Divided into two by...

City: Istanbul
Country: Turkey
( staff)

Info Hostels photo 2338

Beauty in the concrete jungle

Honolulu, shake hands with the real Hawaii

Hawaii has become synonymous with a word paradise, there is no other place to be, to reach the moment of peace and total relaxation, well, with the st...

City: Honolulu
Country: USA
(Info Hostels)

Info Hostels photo 2337

Buda Hills in Budapest

Romance, hot springs and architecture

With an always increasing stunning nightlife, already famous in Europe, Budapest is a huge city with many possibilities. It's a top destination in the...

City: Budapest
Country: Hungary
( staff)

Info Hostels photo 2336

Chiang Mai, multitude of temples

Dynamic and modern place

The hub of northern Thailand, Chiang Mai is the capital of the homonymous province, with nearly one million inhabitants in the metropolitan area. It i...

City: Chiang Mai
Country: Thailand
( staff)

Info Hostels photo 2335

Positano, southern Italian holiday feel

Fashionable boutiques and cascade of sun

Do you know where Italian fashionistas used to shop for the latest bikini collections back in 60's imported from France? No, it wasn't Milan, it was i...

City: Positano
Country: Italy
( staff)

Info Hostels photo 2334

Endless sand and tropical terrain

Island of Enchantment, San Juan

Year round excellent weather, endless sand and sun, diverse tropical terrain, natural jewel box, in few words a daydream destination,Puerto Rico, the ...

City: San Juan
Country: Puerto Rico
( staff)

Info Hostels photo 2333

Nicosia, within historic walls

The last divided capital

Tired of classic trips to the golden beach resorts and the top ten destinations? Cyprus is what you need, being a lot more than just a lazy beach time...

City: Nicosia
Country: Cyprus
( staff)

Info Hostels photo 2332

Stylish and arty Melbourne

Multicultural make up

Melbourne is the cultural capital of Australia, the arty city will take your breath away, Gold Rush architecture and countless monuments remarking cit...

City: Melbourne
Country: Australia
( staff)

Info Hostels photo 2331

Bad Gastein runs hot and cold

Therapeutic spas and first class skiing

Winter is nearly knocking pour doors, be ready for white snow and freezing cold, if your country does not provide that, look for a perfect destination...

City: Bad Gastein
Country: Austria
( staff)

Info Hostels photo 2330

Late coming of age party of Taipei

Finally comfortable in its own skin

Taiwan is one of the best destinations in world, beautiful landscapes, rich culture, hundreds of temples and overall a green island that gives you mor...

City: Taipei
Country: Taiwan
( staff)

Info Hostels photo 2329

Barcelona, enchanting seaside city

Architectural treasures

Barcelona, a travel into time machine, passing by 14th century's cathedrals, ancient walls and stone corridors of Romans and Franks under which contro...

City: Barcelona
Country: Spain
( staff)

Info Hostels photo 2328

Many crowns of New York

Winter wonderland

If you have to choose you pre-Christmas destination, NY city beats it! During the holiday season it becomes a real winter wonderland, with each corner...

City: New York
Country: USA
( staff)

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