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Lili Vazquez travel in Italy

This winter I decided to visit Italy, where I had been before but I was curious to feel the cold winter in this beautiful country. It wasn’t precisely the weather that surprised me, but really loved to know Italy through local people’s eyes.

The first thing I always appreciated about Italian people, is the incredible taste, understanding and creation of the aesthetics and beauty through their clothing, architecture and even the way to cook. This aspect made me thought that is part of their DNA!

My friends make me Discovery three incredible places that reminds me the concept of “beauty” and I have also enjoyed during this trip: Corso Como in Milan, Coppedè Quartiere and I Caruso where I could enjoy the best traditional “gelato” (ice cream); both places located in Rome.

Milan is the national and Worldwide capital of the fashion, Rome and Florence also contain many high-end fashion boutiques and are International capitals. Was incredible to fine a place called “Il Corso Como”, an old reinventing building founded in 1991, closed off from the traffic, in the off-center neighborhood in Milan. With an unique and ever-expanding mix of selling spaces grouped around a beautiful courtyard, Corso Como includes the Galleria Carla Sozzani (a photography and design gallery), a bookstore (design books from all over the world), a boutique for men's and women's clothing and accessories, hard-to-find imports, and must-have luxury goods. If you really want to Milan’s trip worth, you must go to visit this amazing, beautiful and chic place where there are few tourists and many local people and famous ones too.

“Coppedè Quartiere” is a small urban area of Rome, located in the Trieste area, between Piazza Buenos Aires via Tagliamento. It is composed of seventeen cottages and twenty-six buildings arranged around the central core of Piazza Mincio. The main side of Coppedè is Via Tagliamento, represented by a large arch that connects two buildings. Just before the arc is a shrine with a statue of the Madonna and Child. The arch is decorated with numerous architectural elements, which have the characteristic of being arranged asymmetrically. In the middle of the square stands the Fontana delle Rane, built in 1924. The neighborhood is a wonderful example of a mixture of styles. For its particular architecture, Quarter Coppedè was chosen by director Dario Argento as a backdrop for some scenes of his film “Inferno” and L’uccelo dale piume di cristallo”. In the neighborhood had his own house the tenor Beniamino Gigli.

At Via Collina 15 closed to Castro Petrorio (subway stop) is the best traditional “gelato” I ever taste. The name of this place is “I Caruso” where the basic promise is to offer the best ice cream without hydrogenated fats and high quality ingredients…and they really do! The taste of the ice cream is amazing! You must taste it before leave Rome!

I know sometimes the trip just last few days but, if you have some free time it really worth to visit this fashion, beautiful and delicious places and feel them with all your senses!

City: Milan
Country: Italy
Published on 05-Apr-2010
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