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Madrid is a city that lives, works and has fun at all hours. The capital of Spain has not such famous monuments as Rome or Paris have but the life in Madrid is absolutely unique. It's been said, 'If you're in Madrid, you're from Madrid.' Madrid has a very special energy that wraps you, makes you feel welcome from the first moment and invites you to enjoy its charms to the maximum. Discover its sense of welcomeness and local hospitality. The capital of Spain will definitely surprise you and will keep on doing that repeatedly.

What is the heart of old Madrid? Plaza Mayor is Madrid's most decorated plaza, with a number of restaurants, cafes and shops around its perimeter. There is no way to escape: you will definitely admire this stunningly beautiful plaza, and start falling in love with Madrid. The centre of the square is occupied by a statue of Philip III who was responsible for its construction in 1617. The Plaza Mayor was once the focal point of the old city, where bullfights, royal coronations and even inquisitions took place. Discover the history witnessed by Plaza Mayor!

Puerta del Sol is as central as you can get in Madrid. It is actually seen as the center of the whole of Spain, as all road distances are measured from this point. This bustling, centrally located square is one of the city's most lively places. Wherever you go: left, right, straight - you will always find people, shops, restaurants and bars around you. For the commercial shopping area, wander the streets around the Puerta del Sol - to check out the trendy residences then head to the Salamanca quarter. Step by step explore the spirit of lively Madrid.

Madrid is also one of Europe's royal capitals. Its Royal Palace is the official residence of the King of Spain in the city of Madrid and it is only used for State Ceremonies.However, King Juan Carlos and the Royal Family do not reside in in it, choosing instead the more modest location on the outskirts of Madrid. Several royal collections of great historical importance are kept at the Royal palace, including the Royal Armoury and weapons dating back to the 13th century, and the world's only complete Stradivarius string quintet, as well as collections of tapestry, porcelain, furniture, and other objects of great historical importance.

Besides all above, there are a number of attractions that really should not be overlooked by tourists, such as the unusual gardens of the Estación de Atocha, the historical bullring known as the Plaza de Toros Monumental de Las Ventas and the Faunia zoological gardens. Outrageous and Seductive, it is all about the capital of Spain. Check out the perfect dash of dynamism and modernity!

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