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Women's International Film & Arts Festival

26 of March - 3 of April, 2010

Th 5th Annual Women's International Film & Arts Festival will is coming back to Miami, USA. From 26th of March until the 3rd of April, 2010 discover what this unique festival is bringing to the public. Join the festival and you will be able to experience Women’s dreams, visions,voices and to celebrate woman in general. The festival's programme include the colorful range of films, art, fashion shows, workshops, parties and much more. Everything for everyone!

Even though the history of festival is short, Women's International Film & Arts Festival is attracting more and more visitors and public attention as the time goes by. The festival began as an idea in 2005 as a way to provide a venue to exhibit films that emphasizes a woman as a main character. That one-day event presented fewer than 5 films. However, the 5th edition of festival is receiving hundreds film submission. The organizers will definitely have a lot to choose from.

The Women's International Film and Arts Festival will be celebrating its 5th anniversary. Therefore, the special programme and event are going to hit the city. The festival is inviting you to Watch wonderful films from around the world, meet and greet the directors, actors, designers, stylists and the leaders from various industries. Celebration is sure to be spectacular and done in a proper way! Not only the women should come!

Miami is the best city to welcome the spring. Join the city, feel the atmosphere and stayed tuned. March is preparing the perfect gift for you and the city. Celebra te the woman, her amazing talent and all that she can be.

City: Miami
Country: USA
By: Miami Hostels
Published on 17-Feb-2010
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