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Most Expensive Hotels 2010

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Probably everyone knows or at least imagines the top most expensive cities to live. But if you are a tourist, where are the most expensive hotels to stay? This question was recently answered by the research made in 2009. The annual hotel survey released today by Hogg Robinson Group (HRG), indicated in which cities prices will hit your pocket the most. The prices are expressed in terms of local currency and GBP.

The same survey was made in 2008. The average price of the rooms have decreased due to various reasons, like pound fluctuation and the famous economical crisis. However, some cities have managed to maintain and even to rise the level of hospitality related prices. This have happened due to the amount of business people coming to particular destinations. These destinations include Frankfurt and Johannesburg.

Even though, most of the cities across the world have reported falls in average room rates in local currency terms, the prices are announced to increase the next year. If you want to take an advantage to stay in the most expensive ones, take the opportunity to travel in 2010.

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