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Warsaw, Poland

Received its crown and the status of principal city in 1596, Warsaw is known as one of the youngest capitals of Europe. By the end of the II World War the major part of the old town, let alone the capital itself, was destroyed. However, not so long after the city was rebuilt and many monuments were restored to their former glory. Exploring Warsaw and its greatest treasures is essential for those who want to experience city's stormy history and reveal the beauty of the past and present times.

It is said that paintings, sculptures and photographs best represent the history of a city. Want to make sure, just take a walk inside Warsaw history museum. Old Town market - a central square in the downtown of Warsaw - is also a witness of a "fiercely contested land". It has been the main meeting point of wealthy merchants since 17th century and has remained the place where the life goes all day round. Colorful and ornate buildings surrounding the square demonstrates their own character and particular charm. The another delight for the eyes is St. John's cathedral exposing its richly crowed wooden stalls, combs, religious arts and original Gothic style.

One of the most spectacular streets of Warsaw is so-called "Royal Route", starting by Castler square and continuing all the way to the Royal Palace. The Royal Castle - is the place where you begin your journey. The castle's stupendous interiors are the result of its dual historical role: royal residence and the seat of the parliament. The journey ends at the Wilanow (Royal Palace), that exposes the best the power of the richness, creative human hands and mind. If you are willing to explore more Royal Residences, the summer residence - Palace on the Water is the must. The park full of harmony and silence in the winter and is incredibly vibrant and full of life in the summer days.

Warsaw can also reveal the history of Jews and Ghetto, allow you to feel the pleasure of fine music in the concert halls, dive into the magical world of theater and even more. If you are eager to discover and to learn, you are in the right place.

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