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Welcome to Aquarium and Museum Of Natural History

Krakow, Poland

Looking for a unique celebration experience? The Aquarium Krakow is offering you an opportunity that cannot be missed. Feel the tranquillity and inspiration of the underwater world. Aquarium gives you not only a chance to observe amazing water creatures, but also to organize a conference, birthday party or any other special event! What is more, the profits from these kind of events are going straight back to the animals.

The museum is located in the old town of Krakow (near Royal Wawel Castle). It is considered to be one of the most exotic places of the city and a must see sight. 130 species of marine fish and reptiles are found in 1600 square meters. There are so many little moments, references and lines to take in. It is overwhelming. Learn about the beauty that the other world offers. Aquarium offers not only events organizing facilities, but also catering services that are provided on request with special aquatic decorations.

It is said that learning through examples is one of the best ways to learn. Aquarium is proud to introduce hands-on educational tours. No one should be disappointed since Aquarium Krakow educational programs fit for everyone: young and old. The youngest visitors can enjoy the kids club as well (they are involved in educational activities, are introduced with various games, arts and crafts).

The Krakow aquarium is giving you a chance to explore the water-world without getting wet! Can you resist? More information can be found at:

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